Pudding Casings

As the world leader in non-edible synthetic casings, there can be no better choice than Kalle for the guarantee of quality and reliability in the manufacture of all your processed meat products.

With a comprehensive choice of fibrous, cellulose and plastic casings for every application, Kalle casings can always be relied upon to deliver excellent cooking performance as well as giving a great appearance to the finished product, further enhanced by a choice of colours for continental meats.

Although we still supply beef casings to butchers choosing to manufacture their puddings in the traditional way, most now opt for the convenience and cookability of Kalle synthetic casings – not just for puddings but also for luncheon meat, garlic sausage and all their other deli style products. They’ve found that the sheer depth of the Kalle range gives them the optimum flexibility they need in choosing the ideal casing to achieve the varying levels of fat and moisture retention required for different products, guaranteeing a superb result time after time.

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