Meat Processing

In line with our policy of only buying from the best on behalf of our retail butchery customers, we primarily source our twine from Henry Winning & Co – awarded the coveted Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene certificate of excellence confirming the suitability of their products for use on meat.

As a quick and easy to use alternative to traditional twine, more and more of our customers are opting for elastic roasting bands. Colour coded for easy product recognition, their strength and stretchability make them suitable for virtually every size of roasting joint.

Also in our range of meat processing products, you’ll find a choice of skewers, netting and needles which have long since replaced traditional methods of trussing and tying. Further to this, we offer a comprehensive collection of burger discs in different shapes and sizes – including a full range of fluted edged silicon papers for Dalziel customers using Spikomat burger presses to create new and exciting burger shapes.

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