Rusk, Cereals, Dried Fruit & Veg

After more than 90 years supplying essential everyday ingredients to butchers all over the country, we know from long experience what a difference the right choice of rusk can make to your sausage products – not only in the reassurance of reliable performance during the manufacturing process but, just as importantly, in the cookability and eating enjoyment of the end product for your customers.

Whether using yeastless rusk or coarser bread rusk for more traditional or speciality regional recipes, you’ll be looking for the proper balance of succulence, texture and binding qualities to produce the perfect banger. That’s why we have complete confidence in recommending the UK’s two market leading brands Lucas and Ripon as your first choice for dependable absorbency and a variety of grist sizes, together with the added value bonus of exceptional shelf life.

You can also rely on Dalziel for a comprehensive collection of high quality cereal and commodity products ranging from a wide choice of flours for every bakery application to oat and barley products including oatmeal, roller cut oatmeal, oatflakes and pearl barley. And talking of everyday essential ingredients no manufacturing butcher should be without, our dried range includes long lasting 25kg sacks of split peas as well as conveniently sized smaller packs of potato based products such as potato flakes and powder for cottage pies and diced potato for pasties.

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