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No.237 Plate Foil Lanced Rolled Edge Ø170x20mm (302ml)


Top Out Ø170mm
Top In Ø151mm
Base Ø129mm
Height 20mm

No.306 Foil Lids 220x170mm


The three compartment foil for these lids can be found here.

150x125mm Plastic Clip on Lid (Lid To Fit 320 Foil)

Lids to fit 150x125x40mm Smoothwall Foils

220x150mm Plastic Clip On Lid

These lids suit the following smoothwall foils: CS441059 AS221534

220x150mm Plastic Clip-on Lids ( Lid To Fit 362 And 365 Foils)

Lids to fit the following smoothwall foils SW362 SW365

293x193x22mm Plastic Clip on Lid

Plastic clip-on lids for AS222038 Smoothwall Foil

No.131 Fluted Case Foil �65x30mm (40ml)


Top Out �65mm
Top In �65mm
Base �39mm
Height 30mm

No.137 Round Foil Rolled Edge �111x20mm (114ml)


Also known as CH15 Top Out �111mmTop In �95mmBase �62mm

No.143 Foil Plate Rolled Edge �198x15mm (323ml)

8" Plate Top Out �198mmTop In �174mmBase �145mmHeight 16mm

No.145 Foil Plate Rolled Edge �169x14mm (200ml)

6" PlateTop Out �169mmTop In �144mmBase �122mmHeight 14mm

No.147 Round Foil Rolled Edge �109x33mm (200ml)


Top Out �109mm
Top In �100mm
Base �78mm
Height 33mm

No.150 Individual Steak Pie Foils 137x102x30mm (187ml)


Top Out 137x102mm
Top In 124x89mm
Base 94x60mm
Height 30mm

No.151 Individual Steak Pie Foil Rolled Edge 120x90x19mm (74ml)


Top Out 120x90mm
Top In 98x68mm
Base 63x41mm
Height 19mm

No.154 (2658) 3/4lb Steak Pie Foil Rolled Edge 194x146x38mm (456ml)

�lb AshetTop Out 194x146mm Top In 164x115mm Base 118x70mmHeight 38mm

No.158 (2662) 1lb Steak Pie Foils Rolled Edge 214x157x45mm (674ml)

1lb AshetTop Out 214x157mmTop In 184x127Base 133x78mmHeight 45mm

No.161 Round Foil Rolled Edge Ø127x34mm (270ml)


Top Out Ø127mm
Top In Ø112mm
Base Ø89mm
Height 34mm

No.165 Round Foil Rolled Edge �93x31mm (120ml)


Top Out �93m
Top In �77mm
Base �61mm
Height 31mm

No.170 (2664) 1.5lb Steak Pie Foils Rolled Edge 235x177x44mm (912ml)

1� AshetTop Out 235x177mm Top In 206x147mm Base 154x98mmHeight 44mm

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