The traditional butcher’s art of dry curing their own meat products such as bacon and hams has sadly slipped out of flavour with the arrival of supermarket pre-packs. However, you now have the opportunity to regain that lost competitive edge with a helping hand from Lucas.


The Lucas range of easy-to-use dry cures and brine mixes for every application takes the time and trouble out of home curing, offering you the assurance of superior quality in dry cured products without compare for taste, texture and phosphate-free cookability. And once your customers have experienced the real thing, they’ll never go back to buying pre-packs – guaranteed!


We are committed to providing a totally reliable source for everything retail butchers might need in their day-to-day manufacturing processes. That’s why, to complement the Lucas range and ensure you can always count on continuity of supply, we have developed our own range of dry curing products at Dalziel Ingredients.

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