Sausage Casings

Whether you prefer the distinctive snap, bite and instant visual appeal of natural casings or the convenience and guaranteed consistency of collagen casings in your sausage production processes, there can be no better choice than Dalziel for all your sausage casing needs.

We mainly source our sheep and hog sausage casings from Oris. Why? As the biggest and most highly regarded name in the natural casings business, Oris were the first manufacturer to calibrate all their casings to ensure a totally consistent fill diameter, as well as pioneering pre-spooled sheep casings on Proline tapes as an alternative to traditional wetpacks. And as Oris source their casings from all over the world as well as the UK, there are never any worries about seasonal variations interrupting continuity of supply.

Devro introduced the revolutionary concept of collagen casings to the food industry some 50 years ago, and we are proud to have been their UK distributor ever since. For the retail butcher, choosing the Devro Handlink range offers the convenience of precisely calibrated casings that can go straight onto the filling horn without any time consuming pre-soaking. With a wide range of diameters to suit every type of sausage, Devro casings not only offer the benefit of guaranteed batch weights but their soft sheen appearance is sure to catch the eye on your display counter too.

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