Sauces & Marinades

More and more butchers these days are seeing the benefits of branching out into high profit margin oven ready products to complement their traditional ranges. And with the extensive range of superior quality marinades and sauces from Verstegen, nothing could be easier!

Verstegen has been a household name amongst butchers and their customers in Holland for over 130 years. We have been working with them over here since 1999, helping them develop products that would have a particular appeal to the UK market.

Featuring a tantalising variety of authentic regional flavours from around the world, the Verstegen range of oil and water based marinades offers the retail butcher a simple way to create exciting new products for their customers to oven cook, grill, wok or pan fry for a supremely flavoursome taste experience, that goes far beyond any oven ready product they might pick up from a supermarket shelf. Similarly, Verstegen sauces make it easy for the butcher to squeeze every last drop of profit from meat trims or low cost vegetables – whether used as a complete meal sauce for cooking or served cold as a garnish.

Choosing Dalziel also offers access to the services of our Sauce-It team, dedicated to providing free one-on-one support to individual butchers with personalised practical demonstrations on how to gain maximum value from the use of Verstegen marinades and sauces in their daily manufacturing processes.

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