Oh Dear... You really shouldn't have clicked that link.

Fortunately it was just a phishing awareness email.

There were lots of indicators in the email that should have indicated it was suspicious.

Always look for the warnings in an email:

  1. Were you expecting the email?
  2. Is it from a known sender?
  3. Is it asking you to click on any links?
  4. Is it asking you to open a file?
  5. Is it asking for sensitive information
  6. Are there common spelling mistakes?
  7. Does the email have an urgent call to action that could cause worry or stress?

Some more examples in this very short Australian Phish quiz link here, though you should really judge for yourself how good it is.

To report suspicious email messages via the Microsoft Outlook - highlight the message and click on three dots (...) on the ribbon then select the Symantec - Report Email button.

Please use discretion when clicking links on email!